Tucked away in Rostrevor, in the Inner East, Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ Restaurant is a bustling restaurant that has given diners a glimpses of Mongolian traditional cooking style for nearly 30 years. Fon, Owner and Manager, delights in providing a truly delicious meal cooked right in front of the diner to their exact wishes. Go on, visit the Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ Restaurant at Rostrevor and find out why this restaurant has been around and a favourite for so long.

The History of Genghis Khan Mongolian Barbeque
In the 13th Century, all of East Central Asia was united under the great mogul ruler Genghis Khan. The Mogul Empire was the greatest land conquest in world history. At its height, it stretched from China to the hills of Hungary.

All armies, they say, march on their stomach and so it was with Mongolian warriors. Their basic day to day meals were tenderized strips of meat carried under their saddles, but it was the Victory Meal that has been passed down today by the descendants of these superb warriors. After battles, the Moguls would go hunting with lances, bows and arrows. The meat, quickly frozen by the chilled air on the arid steppes, was sliced thinly and barbecued on their shields of war. Slender branches from trees were used to toss the food – a kind of Mongolian chopstick, this superb culinary concept has now arrived in Adelaide in a very pure form.

Conqueror’s Grill
The war shield is now a standardized round plate but are still true to the original shape and metal.

Giant Chopsticks
The small branches are now elongated chopsticks used by our chef.

The freezing air of these cold Asian plateaus is now the instant chilling of our display cabinets.


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